ICB Faculty Orientation of 2018 Fall Semester

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The new semester Faculty Orientation of 版权所有:lovebet爱博体育 International College Beijing (ICB) was held on September 21, 2018.?


For a start, all program departments introduced the main functions of their programs.

Aiming to strengthen the communication, all Chinese and foreign faculty made a self-introduction in turn.

Carol Richman, an American teacher in the English Teaching Department, has been working in our college for 11 years,an "old employee" of our college. She expressed her great love for Beijing, the working environment of this college and the joy of standing on the platform to impart knowledge. She hoped that she would continue to contribute to the development of the 版权所有:lovebet爱博体育 International College Beijing in her future work.


Dean Prof. Huang Guanhua delivered a speech subsequently. He indicated the Ministry of Education will audit and evaluate undergraduate teaching of our university from October 15 to 18, 2018. In the past year, the various departments of the college have cooperated sincerely to improve the teaching conditions, strengthen the system construction, sort out the teaching links, sort out the teaching files, do a good job of student guidance and service, and make full preparations for the evaluation work.


This year, ICB raised its own funds to improve teaching conditions. First, we have replaced the multimedia equipment in our own classrooms and transformed the college library; second, we have redecorated the media center, replaced the domestic advanced intelligent teaching blackboard for the media center classroom, and provided a new modern teaching method for teaching; third, we have improved the working environment and infrastructure of the office building, and transformed the original conference room to open space. At the same time, we should strengthen the system construction, compile and complete the Compilation of Work System Manual, Student Manual and Teacher's Manual, so as to make the work have rules to follow, standardize the management of the college and improve the quality of service, sort out the teaching links, sort out the educational and teaching files, and regularly carry out self-examination and self-correction in accordance with the internal quality assurance system. Work to ensure the quality of education and teaching. Student-centered, through solid work to actively strengthen the style of study, to do a good job of student guidance and service, respect for the individualized development of students, students ‘ability to develop throughout the teaching activities.

Dean Huang expressed his gratitude to Chinese and foreign faculty for their hard work and active cooperation in the preparatory phase of the assessment. He hoped that all of them would continue to work hard to meet the formal assessment in October with a high sense of responsibility and a spirit of ownership. The College also hopes to find out the problems through this evaluation to promote the construction and continuously improve the quality of personnel training in our college.

ICB Chairman Mr. Chen Minghai, Deputy Dean Prof. Xu Tingwu, Deputy Dean Prof. Wang Xiaoyan, College Assistant Dean Mr. Yang Zihua, all college staffs from administration departments and Chinese and foreign faculties attended the meeting.


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