ICB tuition 2013

       45,000 RMB per school year

              BA in Finance

              BA in Business Administration (including 版权所有:lovebet爱博体育 International Management and Food   Quality and Security Management)

              BA in Accounting


       First year 93,000 RMB per school year
       From second year on, 15,000 RMB plus credit fees of 26 credits per school year at around 2800 RMB per credit

              BA in Economics

              BA in Communication

Registration cost (one-time fee) 400 RMB

Insurance fee: 300 RMB/semester

Overseas tuitions

With the international accreditation, ICB credits are popularly recognized by foreign universities. Students can apply to transfer to a foreign partner university of ICB after one or two years study in ICB.

After being transferred to a foreign university, the tuition is subject to the host foreign universities. Refer to the universities’ official websites for more details.


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